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Sprinkler System Installation and Service

Why install underground irrigation? An underground sprinkler system can help reduce plant stress and loss, boost chemical performance, and improve turf health and appearance. Installing an automatic lawn sprinkler system can reduce your water usage by as much as 25%. This is done by reducing waste water usually caused by evaporation and run off. Also there is no longer a need to remember to move the hose every  

20 minutes. Your new system will do all the remembering for you. It will turn the sprinklers on and off automatically, according to your instructions.


Our Sprinkler System Services include:


System Estimates

System Installation

Additions to Existing Systems

Spring Turn Ons

Service & Repairs

Fall Turn Off/Blow-outs

For an estimate or an appointment, give us a call at (269) 968 - 4977 ext. 13 or email at

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